Our 36,000 sq. ft workshop is fully equipped to produce the high-end staircases that will fascinate you from the preliminary version. We are happy to display ongoing artwork to our clients at any stage of the manufacturing process.

A laser cutting machine is a valuable asset bringing any ideas to life in the shortest possible time. Some of the significant advantages of laser cutting are its versatility and lack of physical contact compared to mechanical cutting. Moreover, accuracy is enhanced as the computer is programmed with the exact parameters of the shape to be cut.

The Elite Metalcraft’s flatbed laser cutting can cut steel, aluminium or stainless steel from 0,5mm thick to a maximum of 25mm (Steel), 20mm (Aluminium) and 20mm (Stainless Steel). We can also cut brass and copper since the industrial laser produces the 7kw output and leaves the material’s edge with a high-quality surface finish.

Our Metal processing does not stop here as we carry out folding / rolling / notching / drilling / turning.

Please contact us to see the limits of our machinery.