For first-class design and manufacture of straight staircases across London, Elite Metalcraft is the company of choice. With over 60 years of experience creating striking, robust and elegant straight stairs for a wide range of properties, we have the skills and resources to deliver a finished product which exceeds expectations. Our expert team of designers create elegant, custom staircases which speak to your specific tastes. For households, we pay close attention to the structure and design of the entire property, ensuring every inch of the staircase is designed to work seamlessly with its surroundings. A staircase brings your home together, both functionally and aesthetically, so whatever style of straight staircase you’d like, we ensure it feels like a natural part of your home. From ultra-modern, contemporary designs which lean on a minimalistic appeal, to more traditional styles which draw immediate attention through their character, we hone a design to perfection, every time. If you’d like to enquire about the services of expert bespoke staircase manufacturers, contact the team at Elite Metalcraft today.

Ground View Of Modern Residential Staircase
Stanmore Bespoke Staircase