Straight Staircases

Elite Metalcraft's expertise in straight staircase design and manufacture is unrivalled. With a vast range of straight staircases, occupying multiple floored buildings, we deliver direct and install to homes, schools, offices and developments across the UK. The group of staircases with straight flights is likely the most widely designed and used. The presence of straight flights, with treads located straight across the trajectory, makes them convenient and functional. The groups of staircases that typically fall under the straight staircase heading, includes - of course - single flight straight staircase, quarter landing staircases, and also half landing staircases. According to general rules, the amount of stairs in one straight flight should not exceed 16. Despite their simple forms, pertinent components may communicate a unique style in the staircase, allowing it to draw great attention and - when well designed, crafted and installed - an air of awe and wonder.