Herbert Crescent

Main Contractor: Walter Lilly 

Architect: Tim Flynn Architects

Location: Knightsbridge 

For a property extending over eight levels, it became apparent that the vertical nature of the home would require a suitable lift which would not interrupt the carefully considered circulation which had been established. This demanded creating a highly engineered circular glazed lift shaft running through the central core of the staircase. The helical staircase has been formed to be part and parcel of the concrete core walls and also forms a structural tie to the guide rails of the lift car and shaft.

The real feature of the building is the new staircase and lift. This comprised a circular feature staircase, a glass lift shaft with a revolving glass turret at roof level and glass lift which can also revolve for cleaning. The lift is moved by a hydraulic ram which is 24 long and fits into a bore in the ground at basement two level.